Angry bunny - Here comes the Elusive

Posted on August 26, 2011 by Harlequin&Lionhead
The thing with Etsy or any fashion or design item is that you have to go into market asap. Or someone else gets to go onto a page being promoted. And honestly, I wasn't too keen on launching Elusive because it is not the most innovative shape in the world. It is interesting because of the concept - that I use recycled sprue metal pieces from casting to create new jewelry so I don't waste anything and you get a lovely piece with quality metal.

But I'm so mad today seeing this piece on Etsy Find email blast.  I thought, "There you go, now people will think you are a copycat!" But of course, mine has a concept more than just a design. But still...So I thought, what the hack I will just kick off the Elusive collection. Call it a destined launch because if I have a choice, I would launch the whole collection together, with all the other pieces. But that means it may be next year given my snail paced production.

Hey look at it this way, theirs costs $253, mine is just $60. Maybe it will work for me better :P

Make my day, go "favorite" my ring on My Etsy Store.

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Bear Silhouette Pendants - Animal Asia Special Edition

Posted on August 18, 2011 by Harlequin&Lionhead

Animal Asia is a charity organization aimed to save moon bears from cruel hunting and harvesting in Asia.  My friend, Madeleine Truax, is a the NY volunteer worker for the organization and she is helping them host a dinner gala and silent auction in August to raise fund to save moon bears. She turned to me earlier to see if I can help source donation of jewelry for the silent auction. I figure what would be a better jewelry piece than a little moon bear for the bear lovers?

So I designed and created 2 pendants and necklaces for the event. One is the standing moon bear above in sterling silver with a swarovski crystal eye on a 17" sterling silver chain. The other is the sitting moon bear below in brass with 24K gold plating, also with a swarovski crystal eye, on a 17" gold-filled chain.

These are donated to the organization. These are not for sale in my shop right now so if you want them, either contact me at harlequinlionhead@gmail.com or join the Animal Asia silent auction on August 21, 2011.  Click HERE to find out more. 

If you are interested at custom ordering these from me, it is valued at $70 each. Rose gold plated version is also available and all profit minus cost of production goes to Animal Asia.

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