Femininity and The Collar

Posted on November 24, 2012 by Harlequin&Lionhead

There is no denying that this winter season is all about bringing out your feminine side. The words that may come to mind are dainty, sweet, ladylike, soft, and delicate. Designers such as Jill Sander and Isabel Marant (both shown above), featured beautiful pieces that fit the feminine vibe to a T. Lovely dresses that were light and airy fluttered down the runway which were perfectly fitting for the other big trend on the horizon: the collar trend. With the huge collar trend on the radar we have seen many different adornments to the “typical” collar. From button down shirts featuring studs, to necklace collars made of chains, to hammered metal, and the like. However, to stay on trend with the femininity there is something else to set your eyes on, and that is the newest addition to Harlequin&Lionhead’s Rose Collection, the Rose Bib Necklace. The Rose Bib Necklace brings out a girl's feminine side and allows it to fit nicely into the "trendy"and delicate way of dressing this season.

The Rose Bib Necklace stays true to the rest of the Rose Collection and makes a lovely addition to the range. Celebrating beauty and a woman’s feminine nature, the abstract sculpting of each flower presents a beautiful impression of the fragile nature of the rose, as well as the core focus of femininity in this current trend. 

For more of the lovely pieces found in the Rose Collection visit Harlequin&Lionhead homepage here! http://harlequinlionhead.com

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On Trend: Femininely Gothic Fall/Winter 2012/13

Posted on November 08, 2012 by Harlequin&Lionhead

With the chilly months moving in on us we look to warm up with thicker clothing, like knits and heavy coats. Staying up to date with trends is ideal for any fashionable gal, and this fall winter 12/13, it is all about the gothic vibe. Gothic inspired many collections and has become a key trend this season. Leather, velvet, and lace are the fabrics most used to convey this darker mood, and are definitely on trend. When going for the gothic trends opt for long silhouettes, and of course, the color black. Remember Roccobarocco’s collection that featured a stunning fitted knee length dress with a white collar and cross? (see above) This look is the perfect example of femininely gothic. The dress had a body conscious fit, yet still classic and sophisticated with the stark white collar, cinched belt, tights, and heels.

Harlequin&Lionhead features many pieces that will fit well into this gothic trend. While you don’t want to go overboard with accessories, for fear of looking like a vampire, keep things simple, and bold. The piece that I would like to mention is the gold plated Rose Bouquet Ring from Harlequin&Lionhead. This ring works amazingly for the gothic trend because roses are a classic symbol of the gothic era and this ring brings that beauty, in a colder way. The beautiful cocktail ring infuses a romantic feeling with old world charm, and works perfectly with the darker clothing this season. The ring comes in oxidized sterling silver, as well as pink silver, which has a lovely hue close to the more popular rose gold color. The ring is bold enough to make a statement and compliment the gothic trend well, while still being delicate and feminine enough to keep the romantic edge.

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Accessorizing the Military Trend this Fall/Winter

Posted on October 25, 2012 by Harlequin&Lionhead

Fall has arrived! As we switch gears from our summer wardrobe to fall, we’re faced with some new fall/winter trends. The military look is making its mark once again, with the emphasis on strong structured blazers and trousers. A beautiful blouse in olive, with a black leather collar, was seen in Jason Wu’s collection, and Belstaff featured a stunning pea coat adorned with metal detailed buttons. This structured look was seen in various runway shows for fall/winter 2012, and the same question always arises, “How does one accessorize these looks?”

Accessorizing pieces that have strong lines, such as blazers or pea coats, takes just as strong of an accessory to make the look flow. Harlequin&Lionhead has many complimentary pendants, necklaces, and rings that fit well into this seasons most trendy garments.

One of which is the Large Heart pendant from the Whirls Collection. This is a statement pieces that will add that final touch to your winter wardrobe. Alexander McQueen’s Horn of Plenty inspired the pendant, molded out of clay, and then cast in brass. The pendant presents two feathered wings forming the shape of a heart; the back is hollowed out, reveling a lovely heart chamber inside.

Keep in mind a little goes a long way. Make sure not want to over accessories this fall/winter. Try to find a strong piece to work into your look, and let it be the key addition. With the military look you want to keep your accessories to a minimum, but bold and upfront! 

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Introducing our guest blogger, Reese Herrick

Posted on October 24, 2012 by Harlequin&Lionhead
Reese Herrick, the Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director of CHAOS Magazine will be my guest blogger in a series about fashion and accessory and gifting tips for the fashionable. The series kicks off tomorrow and will be posted every other Thursday. So subscribe to the RSS feed now!

Reese is also a fashion stylist and an art director who splits her time between SF and NY. Known for her edgy and raw aesthetic, she has worked with various photographers in both US and Europe, as well as their top modeling agencies. 

I am very excited to have Reese here on my blog! A round applause and come back tomorrow to see her first post!

Also, remember to sign up for my mailing list on the left hand side of the blog to receive a 10% off your first purchase ;)

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