About Us

How it all began...

My name is Debbie Liu, I am the designer and the owner of Harlequin&Lionhead.

The brand was created one day in 2010 when I was still working in advertising. I was in a meeting, when my attention drifted to the scenery outdoors. The trees gracefully moved in the wind, the leaves fluttered around, and I began daydreaming of being a happy critter. I had always known I wanted to create jewelry that inspire the imagination and capture the playfulness of the outdoors. I saw the outside world in a different light and felt the need to hold all its essence and mold it into a sculptural form.

For me, it was necessary for the jewelry to encompass meaningful feelings. I yearned to create designs that spark powerful intimate memories of the audience. The greatest accomplishment would be to have individuals to look upon my jewelry and feel personal emotions behind the memento.


The Name

I had 2 rabbits, Toffee (a harlequin) and Charcoal (a lionhead). They were both delicate and multifaceted animals with beautiful, expressive eyes. They epitomized the complexities I want to capture in my jewelry; they were mystifying but playful, curious yet delicate.

The Rustic Romantic Style

As a city girl all my life, nature always fascinated me. There is a sense of enchantment to see organic shapes sprout from concrete slits in the street, or to observe breath-taking parks encompassed in skyscrapers. The contradiction of softness against harsh materials has been a major point of inspiration in my line.

It has been my utmost desire to preserve the transient and fragile beauty around us in everlasting sculptural forms. There is a sense of romance yet rustic sensibility in all my pieces. I find that this type of complexity highlights a woman’s personality and beauty the most.


Who Wears Harlequin&Lionhead

The brand has become popular among urban fashionistas who are confident, know what they want, and have their own unique styles. Similar to myself, they are forever dreamers, who yearn for beautiful mysteries the world has to offer.


Handmade With Love

To ensure high quality, all jewelry pieces are handcrafted in United States. I sculpt each detail in wax or clay and transform it into metal. All jewelry is made out of sterling silver or is plated in either 14kt yellow, white, black, or rose gold.


Looking for a tailor-made design? Email me at enquiry@harlequinlionhead.com

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