Fashion Trend Update - Fall2012 / Spring2013

Posted on September 12, 2012 by Harlequin&Lionhead
Image credit: http://newagexbrainwash.com

If you have read my trend summary from earlier this year, you will see that the early prediction for Fall  has become a guide for mainstream commercial fashion and some of these trends may have already taken over your wardrobe. And a lot of it are here to stay for spring 2013!

First off, a recap of Fall must haves:

1) Silhouettes - iron lady (update - suits, peplums are still here, adding full skirts now, restraint elegance, specifically buttoned up or closed colars), modern military, global aristocrate, chic sportsman (sportswear rules!), matrix PLUS roomy 20s and 80s jacket and slouchy pants look (updated)

2) Materials - FUR, or rather faux fur! (update) Leather, ultra-feminine lace, velvet, AND lots of jeweled embellishments! (updated)

3) Colors - Stark black and gold contrasts, white, burgundy and LOTS of RED

4) Patterns - (updated) Opulent floral patterns are more romantic and dark. Also latticework or tiled toned down smaller patterns on suits, coats and pants. Symmetrical images or geometrical shapes creating curvy illusions

From top to bottom, left to right: Balmain, Rick Owens, Givenchy, L'Wren, Jason Wu, Dolce&Gabbana,  Max Mara, Lavin, Giles
Where do I get a good look at the designers examples of these trends:

Where do I get a good how-to-wear guide of some of these trends:

Then a quick snapshot of Spring/Summer 2013 from the ongoing NYFW:

So far it is a bit sedated compared to the popping colors of the previous SS collections. There are some colors here and there but used quite strategically in the shows. Seems like it is all saved for the crazy nail art! Ok, here are some key highlights so far...

1) Tough romanticism (or BDSM inspired) leather and lace (really?!)
2) The Jazz Age is here to stay
3) Sportswear
4) Globe Trotting (it kinda faded out in the fall, and I'm not exactly sure if I like the latest DVF collection so you decide...)
5) African influence in color
6) Black fading into blues, coral, and nude
7) White
8) Flowers
9) Color blocking and geometry

From top to bottom, left to right: Tibi, Tracey Reese, Giulietta, Prabal Gurung, Helmut Lang, BCBG, Lela Rose, Rachel Zoe, Calvin Klein

Where do I get a good look at the designers examples of these trends:

Where do I get closeups and goodies about NYFW:
Go to MBFW Facebook page!

More to come after the FW and remember, you can watch it from the comfort of your desk (no tickets required!) on the Fashion Week youtube channel!

And I'll be putting together my new collection pinterest boards soon. So go check it out later.

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Meet me at Hester Street Market, a little gem at LES Manhattan

Posted on May 07, 2012 by Harlequin&Lionhead
Date: May 12, 2012
Time: 10am - 6pm
Where: Hester Street Market, corner of Essex and Hester

You have to fall in love with this little corner at the outskirt of the heart of fashion in Manhattan. Great accessories, interesting fashion finds, and some yummiest cookies you can find in the city are all here.

Hester Street Fair was taken into Henri Bendel last year and took over the 2/F for its vendors, while UNIQLO camped their mobile cube there for the fall. This past Sat when I was vending there (for the first time, though I've frequented this spot last year all the time as a shopper), Macy has a pop-up shop there - Bar III took Hester Street Fair as its first stop of their nationwide tour of America's best flea markets.

I will be featuring my Whirls and Rose collections there, at an exclusive Hester Street Fair discount.

Selected products from my other shop, Bunnies Can Dream will be available too. Come check my table out. I will be sharing with the very talented Jessica Boehman of Hans-My-Hedgehog again this Sat. And she is debuting her new plush line with some new illustration prints. So don't miss it.

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2012 Fashion Trend from Spring/Summer to Fall

Posted on March 02, 2012 by Harlequin&Lionhead

Being in US, I look to the New York Fashion Week for inspiration and reality check. Jewelry usually plays a supporting role and my fear is the more exaggerated the clothing, the less interesting can the jewelry pieces be. Afterall, it accessories instead of fighting for attention.

BUT, I design for everyday women, not the runway. Similar to you, I look at the runway for the big trends, and internalize it so not only can I wear them off the runway (and during the day!), but also keep to my style and call it my own.

Spring 2012 from Elle.com

So here they are,
a quick snapshot of how the year panes out from spring to fall for you girls.
Spring/Summer Fall
Silhouette 40's inspired feminity, esp PEPLUM (also a big trend at the Oscars)
20's inspired flapper/Daisy Buchanan of The Great Gatsby with drop waist and sequins.
Thus long strand necklaces and art deco inspired floral shape jewelry are in
The Iron Lady.
Layered, regal, tweeds, shawls, even brocades
50's Don Draper's women.
Floral, sherbet hues/pastels (also seen in the Oscars), even princess-like.
Modern military.
This cannot be more different from spring - from softness to strength. But more refined than 2011 military. Almost a hint than literal
Safari influence.
African tribal including stacked large bracelets; bird prints
Global aristocrat/elevated nomad.
Ethnic/eastern influenced, exotic and royal, with mbroideries, textile patterns. Blanket coats and even street-look inspired
Sports couture.
Hoodies and mesh etc used in a sophisticated way
Chic sportsman/outdoor preppy/hunting heritage, with fur and feather accents
Architectural; Geometry, e.g., asymmetrical shoulder or skirt length; Color blocks
Minimalistic using black and leather
Color White(Everywhere at the Oscars!) and bright orange
Pastels Black and burgundy
Other Specifics Earrings! Especially dangles and statement pieces
Yellow gold is back!
Lots of lace, stripes, print on print, knit dresses, tailored short suit, center part hairdo, furturistic accessories and shoes, retro funky sunglasses Mini-florals, strong collars, ultra cropped jackets and vests that are textural and cool, surprising makeover of suits by mixing prints and unusual fabrics, wrap dresses, gold glam with sequins, bigger belts, statement hats or hairpieces, and elegant long gloves

Fall 2012 from FrontRowMag.com
Show us your take of the trends with what you have in your wardrobe! Post pics on my FB here.

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Introducing the new Whirls Collection!

Posted on January 30, 2012 by Harlequin&Lionhead
Some of you may have read about it on my facebook page. Yes the long awaited Whirls Collection, a crossover between my 2 jewelry online shops, is now available at Harlequin&Lionhead.

First off the bat are my 2 rings, now available in 4 different plating options - 14K yellow gold, white gold, black gold and rose gold. It is also available in silver and can be custom ordered to be made in other precious metal. You can email me for a quotation on that.

#1 Ring, shown here in black gold plating
#2 Ring, shown here in silver
#2 Ring, shown here in 14K gold plating

The "Whirls" Collection features clusters of organic shapes that inspires imagination. Someone may see it as feathers, flowers, leaves or even coral. It is edgy but still with a subtle sensibility. There are more styles coming but the beautiful organic shapes are always accompanied by my signature twisted bands. The larger rings and bracelets are supported by double bands.

The line featured here is made of clay models except for the bands. Architecturally, the bands are quite difficult to make because the back side of the ring is not flat. It has contours that follow the shape of the "feathers" in the front. And the half bands are not soldered together because I want it to look more fluid and sleek. To top that, the band is sculpted out of round metal rods and it is diagonally twisted from one side to the other (flat at the bottom so it feels comfortable wearing it). That way the band carries the same "whirly" DNA from the shapes on the front, without being too literally. And it can still be supportive without being overly dominating and clunky. It was so hard to create, and even harder to re-create it in different sizing. I am very proud of it and I think the end result looks fantastic. It is unique in the marketplace.

The line featured at my Bunnies Can Dream store is made of the original clay and are all necklaces. They are all statement pieces that will go very well with the metal collection here. It will be available offline soon in New Jersey. More details to come. For now, you can find them here.

So how are these pieces created? It is a complicated and long process...

I created these in clay models first. The polymer clay is hardened through a baking process, which makes it stable and can be used for moulds.
The polymer clay pieces are then made into silicon moulds. From there, I can get a wax model and continue to work on the piece.

The wax model then needs to be "hollow out" so the final metal piece will not be too heavy. That is why the back of the rings are contoured. Here, they are not a "ring" yet.

The wax model will then be casted into metal and from there, I add on the bands. And that will be polished up and become my prototype for a second mould. I like working with the rods in metal because they can be made "sharper" with the angular twist. The issue is that after the bands are criss-crossed they cannot be resized or reshaped. So the piece has to be made perfect and wax models are NEVER perfect. Coming out from casting they always have to be worked upon more. So the key is to get the wax models as perfect as possible coming out from mould. So the original mould needs to be 200% and that is why I finish the bands at metal stage for all my prototypes.

Here the prototype will then be used to make a final mould. From that mould, I will generate wax models for casting for production moving forward. And this is only for one ring, one size. Imagine each ring will come in size 6-10, this process will need to be repeated 5 times per ring model. Now I have 2 rings, so 10 times. And the process is pretty much the same for bangles...Keep counting :P So seriously, this is my sweat and blood.
Now if you subscribe to my mailing list,
you get a special discount off the Whirls rings. 
Click here to subscribe ;) 

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Meet me at Columbus Avenue Holiday Pop-Up Market on Dec 10!

Posted on December 06, 2011 by Harlequin&Lionhead

Finally I have all the info for my next market. The Columbus Avenue Holiday Pop-Up Market organized by the Astoria Market. It will be at the beautiful Church of St. Paul the Apostle, where the Radio City Rockettes practices during the week ;) And it is just steps away from Lincoln Center, Columbus Circle and Central Park.

Date    : Dec 10, 2011
Time   : 11am - 5:30pm
Where : Columbus Avenue (9th Ave) btw W59th St & W60th

45 plus vendors that will be featuring their unique handcrafted and vintage wares out of the spacious 9000 square foot auditorium. You’re sure to find amazing holiday gifts such as art, jewelry, toys, body care, handbags, clothing, stationary, scarves and hats, pottery, and more!

Read more about the market here:
NY1: http://www.ny1.com/content/ny1_community_calendar/events/#18957
Queens Mamas: http://www.queensmamas.com/queens_mamas/2011/12/shopping-made-easy-holiday-shops-and-markets-in-queens.html
City Limits: http://www.citylimits.org/calendar/15337/columbus-avenue-holiday-pop-up-market-on-12-10
Pretty City: http://nyc.prettycity.com/events.cfm
Markets of New York: http://www.marketsofnewyork.com/2011-new-york-holiday-markets-guide/
NY Free Guide: http://www.nyfreeguide.com/content/columbus-avenue-holiday-pop-market

Remember, you get special discounts when you buy from my table at the holiday markets. And you can order online and pick up at my table so you don't need to pay for shipping :) I hope to see you soon!

The new Harlequin&Lionhead corner on my table at Dekalb Market the past Sunday, Dec 4 - all of the Whirls Collection will be available and some of them are available at the market with a special 20% off. So come check it out.

The Bunnies Can Dream section on my table at the Dekalb Market last Sunday, Dec 4.

Hans-My-Hedgehog will be sharing my table at the market. Get some pretty holiday cards and ornaments for your loved ones this Christmas!

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