A look back at my spring trunk show

Posted on April 02, 2013 by Harlequin&Lionhead

4 days flew by quite quickly at Henri Bendel and again, I admire the strength of the staffs working at Bendel! Standing straight for 12 hours and chatting up customers are really quite physical, but I enjoy interacting with customers and share the joy of creating. Thank you all for the great folks at Bendel. Here is again a shameful display I did the first day, and how nicely it is put up on the second day by the professional :P How can I do this without you all ;)

Day 1 - Debbie's own doing...the bracelets are hidden. And I can't put out all the earrings :(
Day 2 - With the help of the visual team at Bendel, all my necklaces are displayed properly and I managed to get my earrings out. And my bracelets are placed more prominently!
Now spring is kicked off with a new lookbook and a trunk show on 5th Avenue. More to come this year and I look forward to it all!

P.S., Here is my new friend. Last time it was the little mayan god made with jade, this time it is the lovely silver dolls! Starred at them for 4 days...I wish I can adopt them :P

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