NYC Fashion Week: F/W 2013 Trend Summary

Posted on February 26, 2013 by Harlequin&Lionhead

February is always the most glamorous month with the Fashion Week and the Oscars. Though I am dying to pull out all the spring outfits and I'd vote for the warmth of summer over the chic coats of winter anytime, Feb is either about the red carpet or the fall outfits.

To avoid a depressing fall mood, I'm going to do a quick laundry list of key trends and here is a list of great posts for more reading. And hopefully, it will be spring tomorrow!

Key trends:
Textures - Fur and leather
Sparkles - Metallic colors and lots of beads and blinks
Colors - 2 opposites: Richness (Navy, red, purple and various degrees of greens) vs White and soft nudes/champagnes
Patterns - American classics (think tweeds), lux (embroidery), geo (color block)
Silhouettes - A bit military, a bit romantic, a bit boxy (on the outerwear)

If you want to see a detailed laundry list, check out this link.
Click here for the Pantone color trends.
Folks who like eye-candy, check out some cool runway looks here.

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