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Posted on February 24, 2012 by Harlequin&Lionhead

I am very excited to announce that my shop has its own homepage! It has been long overdued. I got around it for so long using my blog and my personal portfolio page. But it can be delayed no more. And I got my domain name - http://HarlequinLionhead.com

I went with Moonfruit.com for my website. Their partner for the domain and hosting service is very affordable. It is Gandi.net and it is only less than $30 for 2 years, with private registration. One thing I learned is that if you do not get private registration service, all your personal information like name and address will be published on a public domain name search website called Whois.com. In this digital age where everything is published and available for scammers, this is really important.

The page I like the most right now, but still need to continue to work on is the section on my story behind Harlequin&Lionhead. I will continue to update the page's images. But I like the fact the juxtaposition of the things that inspired me, and the final products. The story section came from a conference I entered this past weekend managed by the Rosen Group, which founded the Buyers Market of American Craft and the Arts Business Institute. My blog posts collectively give you all an idea of what I do and why I do, but I finally have a place to tell my perspectives on one page. I hope to add some pictures of my work in progress at the bench in the future, now that I finally have a nice workspace at home!

Talking about that, the next post I will be updating you all on my new gadgets at home at my work bench! It is really sweet to have my own mini-studio!
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