A look back at my Henri Bendel trunk show

Posted on July 17, 2012 by Harlequin&Lionhead

On a cold February morning, I lined up outside of Henri Bendel on the corner of 56th St and 5th Ave, nervously waited to see the buyers inside. The line went around the block and I stood in line for a few hours right outside of Harry Winston's front gate (fate, isn't it?) I had my Rose and Whirls Collections in my bag and it was quite a chilly morning. I met some really talented designers on the line and it was an eye opener. And I felt honored to be picked for a trunk show.
In the next few months, I slaved myself, my husband, my suppliers to get the inventory ready. Along the way learned a few new tricks, a few painful lessons, and left with ten battered fingers. 

Fast forward to early morning on a sunny July day, I ran towards the same employee entrance to get ready for my trunk show on the second floor of Henri Bendel. 3 days went past like a dream, now I am still excited, with a still numb toes after standing for 13 hours a day, and have a long to-do list left. It was quite a surreal experience.

Henri Bendel is known for high end fashion accessories and statement jewelry pieces. I was put on 2F among the likes of Miriam Salat, Pamela Love, Kenneth Jay Lane, Dannijo and Vita Fede...etc. Recently, they have introduced designers like Tai that focuses on more versatile everyday wear as well.

At the beginning it was like a girl in a candy store. I couldn't even focus on my table.  Overall, it was a humbling and inspiring place to be for an emerging designer like myself. By observing the customers and what they want, I got some great ideas on how to amp up my lines for an accessories centric retail environment. So more to come in the next few months. Fall will be an exciting one!

By the way, have you seen the new finish on the Feather/Heart pendant Whirls #6?  It has a darker bronze finish on the front that is achieved by not only the usual oxidization process but a manual application of 4 antique color treatments. And inside, the hollowed out space is bigger so the pendant is lighter, and the veins and little heart is given a brushed up. I like a heart of gold...what about you?

I also learned a few tricks from the helpful staffs there...Can you see the difference between day 1 (left) and day 2 (right)?

The bracelets got a better horizontal display unit which helped showcase the flowers and catch light better. All the tall displays on top drawing the eyes to the center and down. All the Whirls rings and the large heart/feather pendant were moved to the front with the rest of the Rose rings. Sometimes I can be too focused at grouping my collections rather than thinking through how a customer shops. These were simple changes but it made the table so much more attractive and each piece had a chance to shine. I will applied these principles to the my shows in the future!

So talented designers out there, go to Henri Bendel website and check out their open see section about the next date in Fall. Go line up with your best work that will sit well with Bendel's featured designers.

And most importantly, believe in yourself ;)

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