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Posted on December 09, 2013 by Harlequin&Lionhead

Friends of Harlequin&Lionhead, thank you for being supportive this year despite that at times I have been a bit too quiet online...

2013 has been a strange year. It was a difficult start for me at the beginning due to my health as some of you may have known. Then in the past September, my little Lionhead, Charcoal, passed away at 12 years of age. He had a good long life and the last 2 years of his life was filled with rosy moments with his young new companion, Roxy. Despite that I have been preparing myself for the day to come, it was just heart breaking and mind numbing to have to face it. Somehow it feels like the golden era of "Harlequin&Lionhead" has come to an end with the passing of both Toffee and Charcoal. It took awhile for me to become positive again, for the sake of Roxy and this new life growing inside of me. 

Yes, that is another update I have to give you, and possibly a very legitimate excuse for being so quiet on my blog and social media recently! I had a horrible first trimester constantly feeling sick and tired so a few shows were cancelled in the late summer and early fall. My mother decided to move to US to help me through my pregnancy, so I have been spoiled like a little girl again. It is a great feeling to be able to take some time off and focus at my family again. 

As my energy picked up again, I started working on a few jewelry projects for my friends and myself that I have been putting off, which you will see soon!

I feel truly blessed for the luxury of time I am given, the support of my family, the love and patience you have shown me all these years. Now I am not going to give up my jewelry line at all so don't worry! It is business as usual here except there will not be another trunk show for awhile...I am still designing jewelry, if not more than ever in order to distract myself from the anxiety of motherhood! You will see another post from me soon about my recent custom designed wedding rings for my NYC client. 

In terms of the existing line for wholesale and consignment, I am working with my usual production team in New York city so there will not be any delay. For custom orders, I will be working at my workbench until early spring. Should my schedule change, I will be posting updates on my blog and on my website with ample notice (fingers crossed everything will go as planned!) 
For retail customers, I have a good amount of stock available for the existing line so if you are planning on getting some gifts for this holiday, check out the selected items on sale in my store, and take advantage of the 10% off newsletter subscription promotion (sign up for my mailing list to enjoy it) or the free US domestic shipping offer available until end of this month. Also, I have added Fedex 2-day shipping option for US customers who are buying last minute gifts. Lots of things going on right now so come check on my blog often, or like my facebook page to keep in touch. 

As always, love and hugs from Harlequin&Lionhead. Thank you for being here. 

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