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Rose Full Wreath Ring 14K Gold / Rose Gold Plated

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This romantic and rustic gold plated ring showcases roses of different sizes in a wreath. Lovely on its own or stackable with another ring.

Can be made into 14K or 18K gold and rose gold. Great as wedding band. Just email me at harlequinlionhead@gmail.com for an estimate based on current market prices.

All time best seller within the Rose collection. 


Gold Plated over brass. Also available as sterling silver, hand oxidized to enhance the details of the flowers. See store for more.

Part of the Rose collection, it celebrates the transient beauty of nature by preserving it in metal. 

Usually made to order. Ships in 1-2 weeks. If in stock, will be shipped within 5 days.


From US size 8 to size 5. Due to handmade nature, sizes may be slightly varied.

Number of roses in the wreath for size 8 to size 5 will vary.

For custom sizing, please email me at harlequinlionhead@gmail.com for an estimate of cost and time.

Maintenance and Care

If is not taken care of, the thin layer of gold plated on top of your jewelry will fade in time.

The best way to protect your jewelry is to avoid wearing them during swimming or at shower. Do not use abrasive detergent or polishing cloth. After each wear, clean it with rubbing alcohol and store it in the box provided. 

More about Rose Collection

This collection celebrates the beauty and intricacy of roses in different forms. The abstract sculpting of the flower allows a delicate impression to be combined with a heavy industrial feel of the metal work. 

Each petal is hand carved in wax, fused together to form the metal, then polished and tarnished to create uniqueness. All work is done in the United States to ensure high quality. The line features rings, earring, bracelets, and pendant necklaces that encompass the rose design.  

Harlequin&Lionhead fashion jewelry is designed and created by Debbie Liu in New York.

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