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Whirls No.7 Statement Pendant Necklace with Metal Gemstone

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A rare square emerald cut, high polished metal stone sits on a throne of feathers and spikes creating a beautiful contrast of elegance and edginess. This unique statement necklace is created as part of my Whirls collection, inspired by nature's silhouettes and textures that are so omnipresent in our environment.


The feather-like spikes of the pendant is hand polished to retain details. It comes in a natural satin gold color of brass, oxidized black brass finish, or a special treatment that results in a pink color brass. As oxidization is done by hand, the color may vary.

The black brass finish is created through oxidization which is usually dark, almost blue. In time, it will gradually reduce to a slightly bronze-like black. The natural gold color of the brass in the pendant may show through the edges like highlights to the dynamic piece.

The pink brass finish is achieved by coating a thin layer of copper onto the metal, and then hand polish to reveal the gold color of brass. The effect is dramatic and unique, allowing the shadows between the feather-like spikes to appear as pink. The pink color is then picked up in the centerpiece metal gemstone, which comes plated in rose gold. In time the pink color will continue to oxidize and become a charming reddish color.

The metal stone is high polished and gold plated. 

This unique piece is first sculpted in clay, which gives the organic look. It is then cast into metal form. Part of the Whirls Collection. 

Usually made to order. Ships in 2 weeks. If in stock, will be shipped within 5 days.


The pendant measures about 2.125" in width. Comes with a 18" rope chain with a lobster clasp in a finish that matches the pendant.

Maintenance and Care

Brass tarnishes when exposed to the elements. The metal will slowly change color in time adding to the pendant's unique character.

To avoid quick tarnishing on the back of the pendant where it touches the skin, please clean it with rubbing alcohol and store the necklace in the box provided after each wear.

Polishing cloth can be used to remove tarnishing on the back of the pendant and restore luster.  

Gold Plated Metal Gemstone

If is not taken care of, the thin layer of gold plated on top of the metal gemstone will fade in time.

Do not use abrasive detergent or polishing cloth on the stone. After each wear, clean it with rubbing alcohol and store it in the box provided. 

More about Whirls Collection

Clusters of organic shapes inspired the imagination for the Whirls collection. Many see the designs as feathers, flowers, leaves, coral, or even armor. Nevertheless, it is most distinguished by the stream of movement embodied in each sculpted piece. 

Harlequin&Lionhead jewelry is designed for urban girls who yearn to explore the natural world. The romantic and rustic aspects of the wild is interpreted in an abstract sculptural form. Edgy details infused with subtle sensitivity created the aesthetic foundation of each jewelry. Everything is handmade with love in the United States.

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